Bad Manners: Brave New Meal

Brave New Meal

Bad Manners is back in season r with original plant-based recipes to show you how to shop and cook smarter in this new world so eating at home doesn't have to be boring as fuck.

A food reckoning is unfolding in front of us. Adjustments are difficult and change is scary, but this is an opportunity: a chance for food not just to be different, but better.

Any time you open this book, you're stepping into a corner of our kitchen. Try to tune out whatever mushroom cloud of bullshit is happening outside your door: none of that shit matters in here. Sure, this book is full of some bomb-ass recipes and killer photos, but that wasn't enough. Not this time. We wanted to show you how to stock your pantry and store your produce to make it last longer. If we call for an ingredient you're not familiar with or the store is sold out, we give you substitutions. We didn't just give you shortcuts, we're giving you the whole fucking road map from pantry to prep to pairings to plating. We've got a produce glossary that breaks down a lot of shit you probably never knew (but most def should) about all the fresh stuff in your market.
We're here to arm you with all the info you need so that you'll never experience produce panic again.

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Recipes From This Book

Orange Peel Cauliflower

Ya like General Tso’s chicken? Or at least you’ve definitely had orange chicken. Well, that’s the kinda shit we’re aimin’ for here. Also, not a thing in China. That is some specifically American shit.



When you’re feelin’ sick, you might immediately reach for tomato soup. That’s fine, but basic, so maybe consider this shit: parsnips. They’ve got a bunch of fiber and vitamins, plus this soup is what we can only describe as velvety as fuck.


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