Bad Manners - Party Grub

Party Grub

Y’all know what kicks as much ass as our first book? Our second one. That’s right, bitches. We’ve been busting our asses for the last year on a brand new book for you. Our last book BAD MANNERS: The Official Cookbook got you cooking healthy food for yourself at home, but let’s be real, that shit falls apart every time you spend the holidays with your lazy extended family or go to some party where the healthiest options are wet baby carrots. FUCK.THAT. Now you don’t have to deal with that shit ever again.

BAD MANNERS: Party Grub is full of more than 100 never-before-seen recipes for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, block parties, pajama parties, Mario parties, whatthefuckever. We’ve got your grub handled.

Don’t be the only one not invited to the fucking party- grab your copy from any of these fine retailers today!