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Banana Crepes

Makes about 8 crepes
Exclusive Banana Crepe
1 ½ cups almond or you favorite non dairy milk
1 Banana
½ cup all-purpose flour
½ cup chickpea flour
2 tablespoon cornstarch
2 tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon salt

Throw everything in a blender and run that fucker until the batter is completely smooth. Done. Now let this rest for at least 15 minutes or up to an hour while you prep your crepe fillings/toppings or walk the dog. We don’t know your life.

When it’s brunch time, grab a griddle or large saute pan and warm it up over medium high heat. You want it hot enough that if you drop a lil water on it the droplets should sizzle. Now get some nondairy butter or oil in the pan. You don’t want so much that there's like a visible pool of butter, you just want the pan to be ✨shiny✨. Now pour a little less than half a cup of the batter into the pan, right in the center, so it forms a circle. Pick up your pan and kinda dip it around in a circle so that the batter gets as thin as possible while still looking like a crepe. Cook for about 2 minutes or until the edges start to brown and the middle doesn’t look all raw. Using a thin, bendy spatula, lift the crepe off the pan and flip it over. Cook it for another 30 seconds then flip it on to a plate and keep cooking until you run out of batter. 

Now you can enjoy them just like this with a little non dairy butter, powdered sugar, and/or maple syrup. Throw some berries on there. Or fill them up with a little peanut butter, more banana, berries, hazelnut chocolate spread, or whatever you want. Roll that pastry poser up and drizzle with maple syrup or powdered sugar then serve right away.

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