Green Rice Bowl

Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
enough for 4-6 people
Green Rice Bowl
1 cup chopped cilantro
½ cup chopped parsley
¼ cup chopped green onion
1 jalapeno, chopped
4 garlic cloves, chopped
½ cup lime juice
½ teaspoons salt
¼ cup vegetable oil
2 cups long grain rice
½ a white onion, diced
1 ½ cups veggie broth or water


Throw the cilantro, parsley, green onions, jalapeno, garlic, lime juice, and salt in a food processor or blender and run that shit until you’ve got a green sauce thing going. Set it aside

In a large pot, heat up the oil over a medium high heat and add the onion. Saute that until it starts to look translucent, about 3 minutes, then throw in the rice. Saute all that around until the onion and rice start to look a little golden brown, about 5 minutes. Add the veggie broth and green sauce and stir. Let this come to a simmer, then reduce the heat to low and throw on the lid. Let this the fuck alone for 20 minutes or until the rice is tender and the liquid is all absorbed. 

Turn off the heat and let sit covered for another 5 minutes. Serve hot with our Black Bean Croquettes, avocado, and your favorite salsa.


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